Tofu Sisig ala Max’s Restaurant

This dish had been popularized by Max’s Restaurant. Tofu is the star of this dish and its been a hit for Filipino taste buds. If your craving for this dish and Max’s restaurant is out of sight, why not try to cook […]

Sweet and Sour Snapper (Escabecheng Maya Maya)

Growing up, my mom would prefer to cook fish instead of meat and escabeche is one of the dishes that she always cook for us. Escabeche is also known as Sweet and Sour Fish. Watch the video below for full instructions. and […]

Pampano in Coconut Milk aka “Pampaconut”

This savory and tangy dish will definitely level up your lunch. It is such a simple dish yet so satisfying. My mom cook this when she visited our home and the way she balance the sour, sweet, and salty taste makes shout […]

Juicy and Tender Fried Chicken in Milk

I never thought that soaking chicken in milk can make it more tender and juicy so I tried it myself. It is indeed true! I soaked my chicken for 4 hours and the result is amazing. The inside did not dried out […]

Easy Gravy Recipe

When I was in college, we would go out and eat at Greenwich if we crave for something fast food. I have this friend who always order chicken and rice which comes with a gravy. He will soak his rice with gravy, […]

Lechon Kawali Paksiw in Mang Tomas

Last week, I cooked Lechon Kawali in Mang Tomas and my husband loved it! If you got leftover lechon kawali, upgrade it to the next level by making Paksiw. This is a very easy recipe and most of the ingredients can be […]

Clam Soup Recipe So Easy! (and Affordable)

Welcome to Foodie Pinoy. We’re going to cook Filipino version of Clam soup or Halaan in tagalog. We can call this Halaan Fantastic, Flavor Boombastic! This is a simple yet very flavorful dish and also affordable. Watch the step by step guide […]

Lechong Kawali Recipe – Super Easy

Below is our Recipe for the Famous Lechon Kawali   Print Lechon Kawali Recipe – Super Easy Course Main Course Cuisine Filipino Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 1 hour Pork Resting 4 hours Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes Servings 3 […]

Pork Ribs Marinated with Catsup

This recipe is from my mother in law. But instead of using chicken, I experimented on using pork spare ribs and result is amazing! Take note that you must  cook this using slow heat. This recipe easily burns because of the sugar. […]

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