Chicken Macaroni Salad

Today were going to make Chicken Macaroni Salad. This is super easy to make and commonly serve as a side dish. If you’re thinking of what to prepare on your group potluck, try to make this recipe. This is easy to prepare and […]

Creamy Chicken Sopas

Today were going to cook a recipe perfect for a rainy weather or if you are just craving for a soupy dish – Creamy Chicken Macaroni Soup. Print Creamy Chicken Sopas Course Snack Cuisine Filipino Keyword Creamy Chicken Soup, foodie pinoy, Sopas […]

DIY Soy Garlic Fried Chicken Bonchon Recipe

Today were going to recreate soy garlic Fried Chicken inspired by Bonchon. Bonchon is popular for their soy garlic fried chicken wherein the chicken is coated with thin batter, double fried until crispy then lightly coated with soy garlic glaze. It’s sweet […]

Fried Chicken ala Max’s Restaurant Recipe

Max’s Restaurant is one of the most established food chain if the Philippines. They are very popular for their fried chicken serve with banana catsup or worcestershire sauce. But do you know that you can make this fried chicken at home? Skip […]

Ginataang Manok with Papaya (Chicken in Coconut Milk)

Ginataang manok is a hearty Filipino dish that had been a favorite viand in every household. I grew up eating this with papaya and chili leaves. Sometimes chili leaves are not always available so malunggay or kangkong are good substitutes. Here’s our […]

Juicy and Tender Fried Chicken in Milk

I never thought that soaking chicken in milk can make it more tender and juicy so I tried it myself. It is indeed true! I soaked my chicken for 4 hours and the result is amazing. The inside did not dried out […]

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