Salted Egg Shrimp

salted egg shrimp

Today were going to cook a famous dish – Salted Egg Shrimp. Salted egg recipes are all the rage nowadays from chips, seafood and poultry. I guess it deserves all the attention because it is indeed really good!

Salted Egg Shrimp

Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese, Filipino
Keyword Salted egg, salted egg shrimp
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 2
Author foodiepinoy


  • 300 grams shrimp
  • 15 pcs curry leaves
  • 1 birds eye chili remove the seeds so it will not be too hot
  • 1 Vegetable Oil for frying
  • 1 cup evaporated milk
  • 3 pcs salted eggs
  • ½ cup Cornstarch
  • ½ tbsp of Sugar
  • 1 tsp Salt


  1. First lets devein the shrimp. I’m using a scissor to cut out the shell so I can easily take out the vein. Cut also the antenna.
  2. Once done, season the shrimp with sugar and salt. Mix well and let it seat for about 10 mins.
  3. The next step is to cover the shrimp with cornstarch. Dredge all the shrimp in cornstarch shaking off the excess powder. Set this aside because we will fry this later.
  4. In the meantime, separate the egg yolk from the white part; we will only use the yolk. After doing this, combine the egg and milk and stir continuously until they are well combined.
  5. Heat oil in the pan enough to fry the shrimp. I wanted to make my shrimp extra crispy so I’m using vegetable oil heated in medium to high heat for about 5 mins. The type of oil and temperature are critical factors in deep frying.
  6. Once the oil is hot enough, slowly place the shrimp in the pan and fry for 40 seconds each side.
  7. The next step is to make the salted egg sauce. Using the same pan and leaving a small amount of oil, fry the curry leaves and chili until it become aromatic.
  8. Then pour in the egg and milk mixture we have prepared a while ago. Continue to stir in low heat until it becomes smooth. By the way, do you know any substitute for curry leaves? I ask this question because there are places wherein curry leaves are not readily available. Comment below if you have any suggestions. We would love to try it..

  9. Going back to our sauce, It already smoothens out and some liquid had evaporated. Just Season with a bit of sugar and a pinch of salt to enhance the taste.

  10. The final step is to put the shrimp in the sauce and mix well until all the shrimp are covered with the sauce.

  11. And its done!

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