Binagoongan Baboy

Pork Binagoongan is an authentic filipino food that has a Thick Shrimp based dish that will satisfy your Pork Craving. Partnered with warm rice and you will never go wrong with these filipino dish. Enjoy!   Print Binagoongan Baboy Course Main Course […]

Tuding’s Pork Belly

Today we are going to cook Tuding’s Pork Chop recipe using pork belly! Tuding’s is one of the most popular pork chop eateries in Laguna, and yes they only serve pork chop partnered with rice and egg and people are not getting […]

Jollibee Style Burger Steak

We’re going to make Jollibee Style burger steak. This version is very simple but I can say it taste close to the real thing. This is super easy to cook and a sure win to satisfy your burger steak cravings   Print […]

Pan Fried Squid

on this episode of Foodie Pinoy, were going to cook a seafood dish. Pan fried stuffed Squid! Let’s start!   Print Pan Fried Squid Course Main Course Cuisine Filipino Keyword foodie pinoy, Pan Fried Squid, Seafood Recipe Prep Time 10 minutes Cook […]

Simple and Easy Filipino Pork Humba Recipe

Pork humba is a sweet, sour and salty Filipino dish cooked in low heat until the pork fat becomes super soft and resembles a melt in your mouth texture. The ingredients are somewhat similar to adobo but actually they taste different, mainly […]

Pork Spare Ribs Sinigang Recipe

Sinigang is a popular Filipino dish characterise by its sour taste and lots of vegetables. It can be cooked using shrimp, fish, chicken but the most common is pork. This is a common viand during lunch or dinner. Ingredients 1 kg pork […]

Fried Chicken ala Max’s Restaurant Recipe

Max’s Restaurant is one of the most established food chain if the Philippines. They are very popular for their fried chicken serve with banana catsup or worcestershire sauce. But do you know that you can make this fried chicken at home? Skip […]

Pansit Guisado Recipe

Pansit Guisado is one of the popular dishes in the Philippines and commonly serve as afternoon snack or mirienda. Sometimes, my aunt cook this for breakfast. Although this is already a carb type of dish, it is commonly partnered with buns or […]

Fish Sarciado Masarap Garantisado

Have you eaten Fish Sarciado? I bet you did as this is one of the dishes our mom prepare for us. Fish Sarciado is a delicacy which features a sauce predominantly composed of tomatoes and eggs. Tilapia, galunggong or alumahan can be use on […]

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