Paksiw na Bangus Recipe

Paksiw na Bangus is an easy to cook dish that your love ones will enjoy. It is characterized by its tangy, salty and sweet flavor. Other type of fish like tilapia can be use in cooking paksiw. Here our version of paksiw […]

Fish Sarciado Masarap Garantisado

Have you eaten Fish Sarciado? I bet you did as this is one of the dishes our mom prepare for us. Fish Sarciado is a delicacy¬†which features a sauce predominantly composed of tomatoes and eggs.¬†Tilapia, galunggong or alumahan can be use on […]

Sweet and Sour Snapper (Escabecheng Maya Maya)

Growing up, my mom would prefer to cook fish instead of meat and escabeche is one of the dishes that she always cook for us. Escabeche is also known as Sweet and Sour Fish. Watch the video below for full instructions. and […]

Pampano in Coconut Milk aka “Pampaconut”

This savory and tangy dish will definitely level up your lunch. It is such a simple dish yet so satisfying. My mom cook this when she visited our home and the way she balance the sour, sweet, and salty taste makes shout […]

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